This Singapore-based optical shop takes pride in providing customers with the best quality eye care, eyewear and customer service.
Using Eber as their consumer experience management platform, Capitol Optical doesn’t require you to download any app. Customers who sign up as members can do so on a webapp by providing their contact number or email address.
Capitol Optical employs a 2 tier membership program for their customers - a standard tier for regular customers and a corporate tier for their corporate clientele.
Members got 1 point for every 1 SGD spent. Members will also receive a 20% discount on their birthdays.
Capitol Optical also offers partnership rewards with other merchants, such as Luna, Yacht 21, Brands, One Faber Group, GNC Live Well and many more.
As for referrals, for each successful referral, the referrer gets $5 voucher, and the referee gets $5 voucher.
Lastly, Capitol Optical encourages customer feedback through their Smart Form - where customers submit a feedback form and get 50 points.