Innisfree has a solid customer loyalty and rewards programs - and their members love raving about it. Let’s take a look at why it’s so special.

*This program structure is based on Innisfree Malaysia’s program structure

Innifree’s membership is a tiered-membership, consisting of the Welcome Tier, Premium Tier, and VIP Tier.

It’s extremely easy to become a Welcome member. You can sign up as a member with any purchase .

If you spend RM300 and above, you will qualify for the Premium membership.

If you spend RM600 and above, you will qualify for the VIP membership.

Membership grades are measured based on the total purchase amount within 12 months, starting from the most recent transaction.

New membership grades will be updated on the 1st of every month.

Points accumulation is also simple. For the Welcome tier, members will receive 100% of their purchase as points.

For the Premium tier, members will receive 150% of their purchase amount. As for VIP tier, members will receive200% of purchase points and an additional 750 points when they first upgrade to VIP.

Points can be used to redeem any products in-stores. Conversion of points will work as 50 points = RM1.

Aside from that, members will also receive a Welcome Kit, Birthday Kit, and VIP Vouchers.

In addition to that, Innisfree also has a lucrative Empty Bottle Recycling campaign. For every empty bottle that members bring, they get 300 points.

There’s also a special ‘Innisfree Day’ for members - a special day where attractive gifts and promotion are up for grabs, exclusively for Innisfree members only.

All accumulated membership points will be forfeited if your membership account is inactive for 12 months.